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Unroasted Coffee Beans

If you prefer to do your own roasting, our research has uncovered several unroasted coffee beans for sale that light up the reviews.

Many have tried the unroasted coffee beans below and have found them to be scrumptious!

So, give one (or more) of these a try and we are sure you will be pleased with the results. Even if you are new to roasting your own beans, these have been found to be fool proof in creating wonderful results.

Do You Want the BEST Unroasted Coffee Beans?


Our Best Unroasted Coffee Beans

We’ve found several varieties from Costa Rican, to Ethiopian, to Sumatra Gayo, to the popular Kona beans. These each have unique flavors that have been found to be pleasing to a very high percentage of customers.

Costa Rica Dota Estate, Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Heirloom Coffee LLC is a family run coffee company that is headquartered out of Medford Massachusetts.

They provide several exotic types of coffee beans including roasted and unroasted coffee beans.

This Costa Rican bean offered by Heirloom has received positive reviews from the self roasting community.

This bean is described as having delicious “brown sugar” notes. Costa Rica Dota Estate, Green Unroasted Coffee Beans are a little darker in color and have a strong aroma.

While only a few have taken the time to post a review, all of the reviews have been very positive. The only review that was less than 4 out of 5 stars said this coffee “put them in their Happy Place”.

And, a newbie to roasting said “I’m relatively new to roasting, but it’s virtually impossible to have any roast from these beans that isn’t phenomenal“. We feel you can’t go wrong with this coffee bean.

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee, Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Blue Horse Kona Coffee grows these farm-direct green beans on the “big island” of Hawaii. These beans are state inspected and certified.

They are hand picked, rain water fermented, and sundried from the Kona west side of the island.

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee, Green (Unroasted!) Beans are grown from Blue Horse’s finest 120 year old trees.

Several reviewers talk about the high quality of these beans. They say this because the beans seem to roast very evenly. This means that they all seem to have first crack around the same time.

Many of the reviewers also talks about how this is a mild flavor of coffee. So, if you are looking for a strong flavor, this might not be the coffee been for you.

Several roasters also talk about how this coffee bean shouldn’t be roaster more than “city+“. So, if you’re looking for something you can roast to a second crack, you might be disappointed as this coffee bean seems to do better with a lighter roast.

Sumatra Gayo Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

We’ve already listed another Heirloom Coffee LLC coffee bean above. This company also provides this exotic coffee bean from a region from which it is difficult to import.

All of the purchasers that wrote reviews gave positive feedback. The common feedback was that Sumatra Gayo Unroasted Green Coffee Beans tasted best when roasted medium to dark.

The responses in the reviews was unanimous that this was a coffee bean they would recommend and would purchase again. They commented that the flavor was unique and when served to friends always received a “Wow!” response.

These Sumatra Gayo Unroasted Green Coffee Beans provide a unique flavor that should be given a try.

100% Colombian Supremo Unroasted Green Coffee

Don’t be fooled by the company name Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, these are unroasted coffee beans.

At least the reviewers that rave about these beans say these are unroasted. Colombian Supremo Unroasted Green Coffee is described as “delighted with the flavor“.

Colombian coffee is grown in a region that is know for Arabica beans. Reviewers together averaged a very strong 4.8 out of 5 stars for this unroasted coffee bean.

Even though the beans were reported as “very moist”, there were no real problems for buyers that wanted to roast these beans themselves.

One reviewer even roasts their coffee beans in a popcorn popper machine. It seemed like a very unusual methodology. But, with popcorn kernels being a similar size and density, it does kind of make sense. For that reviewer, it worked out very well.

Unroasted Coffee Beans Conclusions

All of these unroasted coffee beans for sale provide a unique experience to the adventurous home roaster. Even though each of these have drastically different tastes, home roasters found them all to be pleasing. Give all of these coffee beans a try. You will NOT be sorry.

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    Blue Horse is wonderful! Kona produces some of the best coffee known to man! Thank you for sharing this awesome information!


    • Natasha,

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I went to your site and it looks great! I’m a huge popcorn fan, so I found your info very informative and useful.


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