Cura Coffee Review

I recently had the opportunity to try coffee from a new source, Cura Coffee Company.

I had not heard of this small company before trying their product.

They are a company interested in more than giving you a morning jolt of java.

This is a company on a mission to provide organic direct trade coffee to the masses and using the proceeds to provide dental care to the people of Nicaragua.

First, we would like to disclose that Cura provided a free bag for us to sample. This review was absolutely not affected by the fact that the coffee beans were provided by Cura for free.

I love the opportunity to support a great cause. How about you?

My First Cura Coffee Experience

Cura Coffee Review

Image provided by Cura Coffee.

This morning I tried the Cura Coffee Company’s 100% direct trade organic coffee Dark Roast from Nicaragua.

My preferred method for coffee prep involves whole bean coffee which I grind with a Capresso burr grinder.

I grind it fresh each morning for each cup of coffee and use a French press as I find this delivers the most flavor.

In the past I have used a drip coffee maker, but I have found the taste of the coffee made with the French press to be superior to the drip brewed coffee.

I also enjoy the flavor of the coffee oils that are lost with the paper filter I used with the drip coffee maker.

As I was grinding the Cura coffee this morning, I noticed a wonderful aroma filling my kitchen.

I should tell you that the aroma of these coffee beans being ground really had my mouth watering.

As I waited for the French press to brew, I studied the dark liquid forming in the carafe. The color was dark rich and it looked delicious.

I was eager to taste it.

I pushed the plunger down to draw the liquid from the grounds and poured the dark coffee into my mug.

Again the smells emanating were rich and earthy.

Upon tasting the coffee, I must say I was not disappointed.

The taste was rich and chocolaty with absolutely no bitterness and a smooth finish that had me planning a second cup.

I will be going all day on the caffeine hit that these two cups of coffee have given me.

It is out of character for me to enjoy more than one cup of coffee in a day, so you must know I really enjoyed it to have made the second.

The wonderful taste of this coffee is reason enough to buy it, but as a consumer of Cura Coffee you will also be participating in a bit of philanthropy.

With each coffee purchase, you help support Cura’s vision to train Nicaraguans to provide dental care to their local people.

Cura’s Visions states: We “connect coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans. With every cup of Cura, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities of the world”

So, I see this as a win win win.

You get a fabulous cup of organic coffee, help the farmers by buying direct trade coffee, and help fund the efforts of Cura to bring dental care to people in need.

So, enjoy that cup of coffee knowing that you have helped a whole community of people. How easy is that?

Cura offers their coffee in light, medium, and dark roast as well as Keurig compatable Cura coffee cups for $16.00 each.

Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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