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Coffee with views, please - The Italian Best Espresso

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Espresso is one of the most satisfying drinks in existence.  But, where can you find the Best Espresso In the World?  And, what makes up that power punching sippy cup of joy?

Our research has found those answers and more.

Here’s the deal:

Espresso has many forms.  Different countries developed various ways to construct their own brand of espresso.  And, each of these forms has their own exquisite benefits.  In this article, we will reveal all of these traits and you can choose which brand of Espresso is the best (vote at the bottom of this article for your favorite and see what others have chosen).

Bottom line?

Whether it be for the smooth taste or the fast-acting caffeine kick, millions of Americans succumb to the sweet nectar of a smooth espresso.

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Before we jump into which country makes the best espresso in the world, let’s dig into the characteristics that define what makes a drink an espresso.

Well the word espresso is Italian in origin, and loosely translated, it means personal cup of coffee. Espresso coffee is a very small shot of pressure-brewed coffee using very finely ground beans.

Usually, you will find a layer of thick cream on the top, called crema, followed by the dark, rich, concentrated espresso underneath.

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Espresso Traits

Many people agree on the features of a great espresso coffee.

This includes unique flavor.  The consistency should be thick and smooth.  The sweetness should be the overpowering characteristic.

And, the cup should be strong enough to have no need for milk or creamer.

Espresso (making the best espresso in the world)

“Espresso” by cahadikin, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Another important aspect of espresso is the roast and the selection of the coffee beans.

If you want a deeper dig into the specific beans that The Coffee Bean Menu recommends, we went into much more depth on specific espresso beans in this article.

In general, there are several different roasts throughout the coffee world. These include various varieties of light roast, medium roast and dark roast. The difference in roasting makes all the difference to the taste of the espresso.

Some espresso drinks exhibit the characteristic of lighter roasts, such as the Italian Espresso.  Others exhibit the characteristics of the darker roasts, such as the American Espresso.  Each has its own unique flavor. And, each embodies the different tastes and mouthfeel of that category of espresso.

The best espresso in the world needs to excel in each of these traits.

Espresso vs Other Brews

Espresso is a very different practice from the traditional drip coffee, which features a more coarse ground bean. Only the best espresso coffee is brewed via high pressures to force the water through the finely ground beans.  This process revels in a much richer taste than your average drip coffee.

There are also very specific machines make this type of delicacy.  Specifically, these machines utilize steam pressure that is pump driven or level operated.  This allows the machine to create the high pressure situations necessary for that rich taste that comes with a true best espresso.

The best espresso coffees are spread throughout the globe, and provide vastly different roasts, tastes, techniques, and experiences.  As you will see below, our list explains the qualities for each of categories of espresso.  And, if you have a thirst for adventure, you can travel the globe in search of the best espresso in the world.

Espresso Variations

What are the different categories of best espresso?  And, where can you find them?

Italian Espresso

Italian Espresso coffee is one of the best of espressos.

This comes as no surprise since espresso is Italian in origin. Italian espresso comes with several “features”.

For instance, the roast is dramatically different than other espressos. In Italian espressos, the beans are more lightly roasted than other espressos.  This makes them quite different than other espresso coffees that do not have their origin from Italy.

During the roasting process, an Italian coffee bean that is intended for espresso consumption, interrupts the roasting of the beans after all the moisture has left the beans.  But, before the transformation begins.  The roaster then resume the roasting after the beans have fully cooled. This process no doubt is responsible for the wonderfully robust flavor that the beans possess once they are pulverized into a fine ground and pressure-brewed into a flavorful espresso.

Colombian Espresso

Espresso Shot - Colombian Espresso

“espresso shot” by brian, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Colombian Espresso tends to have a full body with a rich taste and good acidity.

This blend provides a sharper, sweeter flavor, but doesn’t produce as much crema. It also offers more of a sweet, nutty flavor.

These espresso blend coffee beans are also commonly medium roasted. They are smooth, creamy, and with deeper, more complex flavors.

Its pleasing fruit tones are juxtaposed with a light sweetness, resulting in an overall richness that makes Colombian espresso so famous.

Ethiopian Espresso

lishan adam says: have a look at this philipp! machiato at dj's cafe - Ethiopian Espresso

“lishan adam says: have a look at this philipp! machiato at dj’s cafe” by philipp, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Ethiopian espresso blend coffee beans tend to add complexity and brightness when it comes to espresso coffee.

Another espresso blend with fruity flavors, Ethiopian espresso is high acidity.  So, be careful to only consume this variety in small quantities.

In addition, some Ethiopian espresso blend coffee beans have a powerful aroma of blueberries or raspberries.

Others have a powerful floral scent.

Either way, Ethiopian espresso delivers on the fruity, acidic, rich taste that should come with any top-notch drink that wants to be called the best espresso coffee.

If you want to read more about Ethiopian Coffee Brands, this article goes into more depth on the topic.

American Espresso

American espresso tends to have a dark roast, which makes sense when balanced by the amount of creamer and milk that Americans tend to put into their coffee.

spro - American Espresso

“‘spro” by Dan Lacher, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The darker roast lends itself to a sharper, stronger edge that balances out the creamy milk added later.

By comparison to other espressos, American espresso tends to have a smoother mouthfeel, be a bit sharper in the cup, and is more bitter.

After adding creamers with other flavors, the American espresso provides a more broad alley of flavors, and makes the espresso more personal.

All in all, American espresso is different than other espressos, but allows the experience to be more specific to the drinker’s needs.

Italian-American Espresso

DSCF0140: Joel enjoys an espresso at 'La Stud' Bar - Italian-American Espresso

“DSCF0140: Joel enjoys an espresso at ‘La Stud’ Bar” by Joel Sowers, Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Italian-American espresso is usually served as a larger drink than traditional Italian espressos.

The serving of espresso is definitely larger, and takes aspects of both Italian and American espressos.

From the Italian espresso, it borrows the smoother, lighter roasted blends, but has the more rugged flavor profile of American espresso.

Another similarity of espressos includes the fact that the brewing process is similar to that of the Italian espressos.

The Italian-American best espresso tends to grind the beans into a fine powder-like substance just before brewing.

Brew a small amount in half a minute into a tiny cup, and before the drink can cool you can drink it in a few swallows.

Espress(o) Yourself

Obviously the espresso coffee bean is a very important part of the coffee culture in America, and thus it’s just as important to take into account which espressos are the best and which ones you shouldn’t waste your money on. But once you find the perfect fit, the best espresso coffee can leave you caffeinated and satisfied.

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Which Country Makes The Best Espresso In The World?

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We hope you enjoyed our article about what makes the best espresso in the world.  We enjoyed researching and researching and …  Well, we need to go for a walk now to burn off some of this caffeine.

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