3 of the Best Low Acid Coffee Products

I think you’ll agree that finding the best low acid coffee is a complicated and difficult task.

Or is it?

Even though there are many aspects to consider.  We’ve done the research and will be sharing it with you.

In this article, we will talk about the acidic characteristics of a great coffee.  We define what acidic means, we dive in and explain several different types of acidic traits, and we go into some health advantages to keeping the acidic levels of your coffee low.  Finally, we use our research to review some of the Best Low Acid Coffee Products in the world.

Do You Want the BEST Low Acid Coffee?


As coffee enthusiasts, many of us find tasting coffee a caffeinated version of wine tasting.

When tasting a great wine, one must consider many characteristics of the wine.  Similarly for coffee, achieving the perfect coffee taste for our palate can be a challenging task.

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Coffee Characteristics

Some of the aspects we should evaluate from a coffee cup at first sip are:

Today, in this article, we will focus on acidity.

What is Coffee Acidity?


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It may have happened to you at least once, that you woke up and had a nice cup of coffee.  But later, you started feeling a burning sensation in your stomach.

This is typically due to the acidity of the coffee you consumed.

It is important to keep in mind that coffee is a strong beverage that we usually have first thing in the morning.  Coffee that is high in acidity or other foods or drinks that contain a lot of acidity can affect the pH levels in your body.  A pH imbalance can cause stomach problems.

But don’t worry!

If you happen to suffer when drinking High Acid Coffee, which is commonly referred to as Bright Coffee, there are suitable options like Low Acid Coffee, often described as Smooth Coffee.

A Smooth Coffee will give you the caffeine doses you need for your daily routine without burning up your stomach.  Later in this article we will review 3 of the Best Low Acid Coffee product that can turn your morning stomach burn into a smooth tasty pain free wake-me-up cup of Joe.

What Kind of Acids Can We Find in Coffee?

There is a lot of chemistry going on in our cup of coffee. Even though you may not be thinking about it, there are a lot of acid elements taking part on your beverage. We will identify which ones have a positive effect and which ones don’t.

  • Quinic Acid: is the main reason why some people look for a Low Acid Coffee. The presence of quinic acid in coffee makes its taste more sour and difficult from a taste perspective.  French Roast Coffee is where you find it in the highest concentrations.  This is the main reason why this French roast is regarded as the strongest and most impactful roast.
  • Phosphoric Acid: is found in greater proportions in Arabica beans. It does not typcially affect the taste of the coffee, and is mostly present when the coffee bean has a high amount of moisture.
  • Citric Acid: this acid plays an important role in the metabolic process of coffee plants.  Similar to Quinic Acid, it reaches its highest levels when roasting to a medium level of roast.  At a high roasting level, citric acid particles break down.  Lower acidic coffee like this can have the taste countered by sugar.

Health Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

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If you happen to have any digestive disorders, then you will most likely want to abandon the idea of keeping up with high acidity coffee consumption and try some smoother options that will be easier for your stomach to digest.

Low Acid Coffee is regarded as the healthier choice for coffee drinkers.

Studies have unveiled that low acid coffee consumption may help or even prevent some diseases and conditions such as:

If we drink a cup of Low Acid Coffee and do not add refined sugar, we can enjoy of a great metabolism enhancer, a powerful fat-burner and an incredibly energizing way to start our daily routine.

The Best Low Acid Coffee Products Around

While researching low acidic coffee products, we were able to find three excellent options that provide the benefits we’ve talked about in this article.

These three are the Cream of the Crop (pun intended)!

Café Don Pedro American Roast

Café Don Pedro American Roast (our Best Low Acid Coffee)

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If you are looking for a great low-acid option, Café Don Pedro American Roast is an amazing choice for you.

Made with the highest quality beans grown from the mountains in Central America, Don Pedro assures you will enjoy a consistent and fresh aroma as well as a soft coffee touch to your palate.

The “Old World” (as they like to call it) style roasting process used to produce Cafe Don Pedro is an impressive method able to reach an unmatched smoothness and aromatic quality. It is blended for a consistently rich cup of coffee.

American roast guarantee the perfect level of roast needed to avoid increasing the quinic acid levels. The smooth texture and rich flavor of this coffee backs up the idea that a low roasted coffee bean can taste great while maintaining low acidity.

Its balanced flavor reduces the need of sugar, perfect to try with some cream. The sweet aroma is another characteristic you will enjoy a lot. Roasted, blended and packaged in Houston, Texas.

Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee

Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee

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Kava has been in the coffee business for more than 100 years.

Leading the market in manufacturing beverages and food products, it was in 1962 when the brand reinvented itself and started a new adventure providing reduced acid instant coffee.

Regarded as one of the strongest products in the market, Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee offers a delicious and tasty cup.

Kava delivers a package of 90% acid neutralized coffee made with premium coffee beans.

Easy to make (you only put a mug of water in the microwave and then add the coffee) and also low on acid.  Its flavor is smooth, not bitter nor burned and with the smoky touch which is a signature from some instant coffee products.

15 times lower on acid and perfect to drink with some cream or even ice for a summer Frappuccino.

Mild, low on acid and delicious, no need to worry about acidity with Kava.

Verena Street, Julien’s Breakfast Blend, Whole Bean Medium Roast

Verena Street, Julien's Breakfast Blend, Whole Bean Medium Roast

[wpi_designer_button text='VALUE VERENA STREET' link='/internal/VerenaStreetJuliensBreakfastBlendWholeBeanMediumRoast' style_id='586' icon='digg' target='_blank']

Founded in 2010, this relatively new brand has reached the top of the coffee market’s popularity lists thanks to its exciting proposition of using only Arabica coffee beans meticulously selected in order to be left with only the freshest beans.

Using beans from certified Rainforest Alliance farms that are Fairly Traded, ensures they have the best growing processes.  Verena Street, Julien’s Breakfast Blend, Ground Whole Bean Medium Roast is a smooth and balanced roast.

A mild but flavorful cup awaits if you purchase this bag.  There is no bitterness detectable to senses, instead a rich coffee flavor is present until the last sip.

An easy preparation process complements this product perfectly. The brand especially recommends a cold recipe as to prepare a great Frappuccino and enjoy the freshness of this coffee at its maximum expression.

It is recommended to grind it immediately before brewing to enjoy the freshest taste possible. So you know, if you want a vanguard touch and to try a new brand without any worries about acid problems, try Verena!

Conclusions for Low Acid Coffee

We found that coffee with low levels of acidity is a great choice for people with a sensitive stomach.

Do You Want the BEST Low Acid Coffee?


Those who suffer from stomach aches when having a cup of bright coffee first thing in the morning should consider a lifestyle change towards a lower level of acid in their coffee.

According to the aforementioned aspects and some other interesting extras, we have selected some brands we believe are the best Low Acid Coffee products you will find on the market.

  2 Responses to “3 of the Best Low Acid Coffee Products”

  1. What is the pH in each of these brands? What is the pH of regular coffee? That is my primary basis of comparison.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thank you. And, great questions!

    My understanding of pH is that on average, coffee on a scale of 0-14 is about a 5. And, that actual acidity fluctuation for coffee ranges from about 4.3 (more acidic) to about 6.0 (less acidic).

    I have never really seen where coffee brands publish the actual pH value for their coffee. So, I don’t have those numbers for these brands. But, I will do some digging to see if I can find any of the pH values for these brands.


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